David Eisner

David is a programmer and designer with experience developing and designing games, websites and user interfaces.

David is...

  • a software engineer at Microsoft.
  • a graduate of DigiPen Institute of Technology's Computer Science and Game Design program (2016).
  • passionate about games and their potential as a form of entertainment, storytelling, education and therapy.

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Doodle Dash is a collection of drawing minigames developed for Wii U.

This was a group project I worked during my junior year at DigiPen. We faced some interesting technical challenges developing for a console, but working with the Wii U touchpad provided some interesting design opportunities.

High Roller is a physics-based platformer where the player's objective is to guide a marble to the goal by carefully tilting the environment.

I created High Roller to experiment with dynamic camera movement in 3D space. The level design is simple, but varied enough to explore various scenarios, from narrow enclosures to steep slopes.

Qualia is an experimental puzzle platformer in which the player must aquire new senses to explore a labyrinthine world.

Starting with almost no awareness, the player must work their way up from sound through various colors. Inquisitive players who are compeled to explore the game world are rewarded with some interesting backstory about the game world.

Unit Test is a logic-based platformer in which players must figure out how to reach the goal with changing abilities and rules.

To encourage further mastery, the player is given supplementary objectives such as finding secrets, collecting as many coins as possible and finding hidden secrets.

The Sunken Spire is a experiment in storytelling through discovery based on that seen in games such as Dark Souls and Metroid Prime.

The player is a deep sea diver that must find as much treasure as they can within a day, but the deeper they swim, the more secrets they will uncover about the world below...

Light's Revenge is a shoot-'em-up in which the player must navigate a continuous beam of light through mirrors and filters to attack enemies beyond their reach.

This project was a second attempt of one of my first games I made as a student. With greater programming knowledge, I was able to build more robust levels and mechanics that I could not accomplish before.
Click the slideshow for more details about each game.


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